Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If you know me, you know I love anything to do with pumpkins. Here's a retrospective of our little pumpkins at the patch.

Ernie visits the giant pumpkins at the fair when he is 2 months old.

This is the first of four consecutive years Ernie has visited the pumpkin patch with Haeli. They are 1 year old.

Ernie searches for the perfect pumpkin at 2 years old.

This year Haeli brought along her little sisters Tori and Lily(not pictured). Ernie brought along Anna. This is the same face I got at the beach when Anna was sitting in the wet sand. Haeli and Ernie are four years old now!

Sweet brother and sister

Monday, October 27, 2008


Here's the laundry list of Frick life.

*Brian got a new job. This is the big happening I alluded to in our last post. He'll be commuting down to Tacoma, making his day a little shorter. Of course there is good and bad with every decision (he'll be doing "exciting" actuary things, he'll be traveling a little more), but overall we're very happy with the new changes to come.

*Anna is walking! She started off slow with just a few steps for a few weeks. She's now thrown off the shackles of crawling and insists on walking everywhere. She walks around now just for the fun of it! Check her out:

*We spent the weekend in Seaside, OR. We had so much fun in the ocean and sand. Yes, I said ocean. For those of you out there with little boys, you know what I'm talking about. Yes, I said ocean. Yes, its October. Yes, it was 55 degrees. Here's the family on the way back from the beach: (Ernie immersed himself in the ocean from his neck to his toes. Mom rescued him and got wet up to her knees. Anna scoffed at the idea of entering the water. Dad skillfully avoided the cold water by tending to Anna.)

More pics of Seaside:

Ernie on the swings

This is Anna sitting on the wet sand. She is not happy. I took about 6 pictures of her looking anywhere but at me. She finally looks at me and this is the expression I get. She's getting pretty good at her withering look.

The kids are dry back in the room with Grandma and Grandpa.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeding Time

I just couldn't resist commenting on Anna's newest development, trying to feed herself. Ernie is now in on the action and loves to feed Anna from a spoon. The second pic here is Anna feeding herself. She wants to do it so bad that its difficult to get any food in her. So my newest trick is to let her hold a spoon while I'm feeding her. When she finally figures out how to get food on her spoon its going to be a big mess!

More to come: Pics from the pumpkin patch, update on Anna walking! and big changes for the Frick family