Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anna in the Paper

Noelle and Anna headed to the Sundiata Festival at the Seattle Center last weekend. The festival is a huge annual celebration of African and African-American culture. While they were there, they met a 105-year-old man named Otis Clark. A reporter for the Seattle Times happened to be nearby, and Anna ended up with her picture in the paper...

Here's a link to the picture on the Times website (if you want to see the caption), as well as the article about the festival in general.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here's the Frickin' Update you've been waiting for

Here my babies are having their tummy time. Ernie continues to be a super big brother. When he climbs out of bed in the morning, the first place he goes is to Anna's room. Forget Mom and Dad- "Where's Anna?"

Anna's baptism was just beautiful. Here she is with Mom, Dad, Godparents Aunt Steph and Uncle Paul, and Godparents Mike and Debbie. Our friend Bill ran a video of the baptism to the giant screens in church so everyone at Mass could get a first hand view. We decided to have Anna fully immersed for baptism, and as Brian lowered her down into the water, a huge gasp went up from the congregation. She was covered in water up to her neck, and then Father Ed poured water over her head.

Here's Ernie performing at the Big Show for his last class at Little Gym. Mom, Dad, Anna and Grandpa Ken attended.

I'm just loving having a 3 year old. I usually get to run the spinner for Twister and I can't stop laughing as Ernie tries to get all his limbs in the right places. We'll skip the pics of him running the spinner and me twisted up like a pretzel.

She's an angel- isn't she?! In this pic she's smiling up at Grandpa Dave. Anna continues to adjust to her new life well. Being only 5 months old, and with a new family in a new country, everything is new to her. She was not at all impressed by falling snow. She did however, find the waitress at the Ethiopian restaurant fascinating. As soon as Anna heard the Amharic language, she couldn't keep her eyes off the waitress. It was just beautiful to see.