Monday, July 14, 2008

It has been a LONG time

Yes, we're still here. Blogging has been on hiatus since all the other things we do have been getting in the way: sleeping, eating, taking care of the kids, sleeping. I've also started selling my pottery at the Farmer's Market this season, and have been busy pottering around in the garage at night. We've really been all over this summer. Our family vacation in June happened at Disneyland and included my parents, brothers and their families. The 15 of us had so much fun! Brian and I took a weekend trip to Las Vegas. I hardly know what to say about this trip. I could definitely do that again.
In July, Anna and I traveled to St. Louis for the CHI Reunion 2008. We got to meet many of our Ethiopia program friends. It was great seeing some of the little ones we met in Ethiopia with their new families: Mari, Elias, Yohannes. It was so fun to meet the babes that were there before and after us: Hudson, Sofia, Elijah, Mamush, Micah, Ash.

Anna (in red) chills with Mari, Micah and Ash

Anna was at HOH with both Mamush and Mari

Our Ethiopian family

Anna and Sofia really hit if off.