Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's Happening

Here's the update for you fans of the Frick clan.
* Anna is really talking these days. She has several phrases she repeats throughout the day. Sometimes even at appropriate times. Today the litany went something like this:
"let's see, let's see,
excuse me, excuse me, excuse me,
singing, singing, singing (said anytime there is NOT music playing, aka a gentle request to Turn On The Music),
oh man, oh man, oh man (new today),
I did it!
walk around, walk around, walk around"

* Brian went to Ernie's preschool parent/teacher conference. The teachers just love Ernie and had only great things to say about him. We've decided to send Ernie to a private, half day kindergarten. We just loved the classroom, teacher, and the fact that he'll be attending with his good friend Patrick, with whom he's been friends since they were babies.

* Every night at dinner everyone answers the questions: What was the best part of your day? What was the worst part? Anna said her favorite part was "hie an see, papa," which translates, "playing hide and seek with Grandpa."

*Ernie has a crush on his friend Clara at school. According to his teachers, the feeling is mutual. One day I asked Ernie what he did in the gym at school. He said he ran around. I asked who he was running with. He sheepishly relied that he was running around AFTER Clara. I asked him if she knew he was following her. As an answer I didn't get any words, but I did get eye-rolling and a devilish little grin.

* Anna is starting to ask "why?" What I want to know is: Why is this happening already?!?

* Dinosaurs are quickly eclipsing trains in our house.

* Anna is starting to sing her ABCs. She actually is pronouncing some of the letters and it's very clear what she is singing.

* Here are the latest pictures:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What to do with an old mattress

Put it on the floor for jumping practice. Don't forget to put the keyboard's demo music on full blast for maximum jumping enhancement.

Of course we don't need any fancy music making machines. We can make noise just with our hands!

And totally unrelated to mattresses or noise . . . Ernie is practicing his picture taking prowess. He's just old enough not to completely break the camera when he touches it.