Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hair Update/ Blackmail for later in life

The frohawk. Mr. T originated it . . .

. . . and Anna rocks it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Nativity Story at OUR House

Oh, no! There's been an accident at the stable! Baby Jesus is missing! The livestock have been overturned! The Holy Family and friends are nowhere to been found!
Never fear! Baby Jesus has been reunited with his loved ones at his new, improved lodgings. There's nothing like a miniature Fisher Price barn to shelter the beloved Christ Child.

Monday, December 15, 2008


We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Leavenworth with family. It felt so great to get away and relax with our loved ones.

The whole family after decorating the Christmas tree. We were clever this year and didn't put up any breakable ornaments. Anna has no interest in the tree whatsoever.

Ernie loves decorating!

Anna loves carrying around ornament boxes!

Yesterday was a day we won't soon forget. Even before we got out to the snow, Anna managed to get herself in trouble. Brian and I realized at one point that it was very, very quiet in our house. That's always a bad sign. B and I quickly checked around, but didn't see Anna. I then checked behind closed doors, and found Anna in the downstairs bathroom, having a grand time splashing in the toilet. I won't tell you the details, I'm sure you can imagine the lovely scene. Anna got a bath before heading outside with us.

Ernie really loved the snow. We went to the park to sled and now that he is such a big boy, he got to ride down the hill by himself. One time he almost ran into the metal post for the basketball hoop, but was blissfully oblivious (that's our boy!). Brian instructed him that next time if we was close to running into the pole, to just roll off the side of the sled. On his next run, he got to the bottom of the hill, slowly continued across the basketball court on the sled (it seemed like in slow motion, but was probably about a walking pace) when suddenly I hear a high pitched shriek and see Ernie slowly rolling off the side of his sled. I love the drama that unfolds in his imagination. His sled didn't even make it to the pole, probably because it was about 20 feet away when he rolled off, and it wasn't pointing at the pole anyway. If you ever need a laugh, just have children. Our house certainly has more than our share of cereal bars ground into the carpet, but we also have more laughter than we could ever hope for.

Anna didn't like the snow any more than she liked sitting in the wet sand at the beach. In fact, she refused to move or take any steps in the snow. She looked like this the whole time we were outside.