Sunday, June 14, 2009

May/June update

*Is talking like crazy. She sounds so funny repeating phrases that Ernie has said. "My tummy hurts really bad." "No thank you." "Oh please. Oh please. Oh please." "I don't like this part." "I don't like it anymore."
* Knows all the words to and will sing over and over "Bingle Fells"
* Knows all the words to various dinosaur songs
* Is starting to propel herself around in the pool while wearing her floaty swimsuit
* Sang the words "green anaconda" over and over again in the locker room at the pool today, to the great amusement of everyone present
* We've tried a few new hair styles. I like the one that pulls her hair back from her face in braids.

* Likes smores almost as much as her brother


* Finished pre-school last week. Sigh.

* Is reading more than ever. He is not enthusiastic about sitting down to read a book, but likes to read signs etc. He did sit down and read "Hop on Pop" to Anna, who listened very patiently.

* Is swimming on his own without a life jacket this summer.

* Displays a smore-induced stupor

* Is not giving up dinosaurs anytime soon. This is him "acting out dinosaurs."

*Is participating in his first organized sports team. He has joined the swim team and here is a pic of his climb up the blocks for his first race ever. There is nothing cuter than this little boy in his team jammers.


* Made a beautiful cedar potting bench for the back patio.

* Constructed his own kegerator to cool and dispense his home brew. Yes, you can now have hand-crafted beer on tap at the Frick household. This month's choices: Red Hook ESB clone from the Frickin' Brewery or Wild Cat IPA from Snoqualmie Taproom and Brewery.

* Plays co-ed softball Friday nights. He really enjoyed the kids' cheering at the last game. Anna: "Hi Dada. Hi Dada. Hi Dada. Hi Dada." Ernie: "Go Daddy go!"

* Is very excited that fishing season has started.


* Has started the season selling pottery at the farmer's market. I have 5 Saturdays left this summer.

* Is counting the days until the Rock 'n Roll half marathon. I'm ready. I ran 12 miles yesterday.

* Talked Brian into watching "Twilight" with her last night. Loved it! I've read the first two books, and am planning on saving the next one for our trip to Las Vegas.

* Is thinking "This was a really long update. How long until I write the next one?"