Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The latest

Mom and Anna dressed up for a girls' day out together.

This girl LOVES her own reflection. Her hair twists lasted about five days, with daily changes of the snap beads on the ends.

Ernie and Anna love posing for the new camera. It takes fabulous action photos.

We play lots of "baby doll" in our house. Here the kids are modeling their baby slings, made out of scarves from Ethiopia.

The kids decided to join Dad in his post-run stretching. Anna considers the tutu appropriate for any occasion.

Here we are sharing a homemade Ethiopian meal. We purchased the injera from a restaurant in Seattle.

25 weeks along. Can't wait for July!

Is it wrong to laugh when your kid falls down in the ocean? Is it wrong to make her walk out on her own so you don't get all wet? It is wrong to take dozens of pictures chronicling her misadventure?

I love this picture of Ernie. It captures his beautiful spirit so perfectly!

After a long day at the ocean, the kids fall asleep pretty fast.

Saturday, April 10, 2010