Sunday, January 31, 2010

Other news I forgot in the last 2 posts

The binky is gone. Cold turkey was the only way. We tried cutting off the tip little by little, but she hated that even more than it being gone. As a consequence of taking away the binky, Anna decided to climb out of her crib. The bunk beds are up and Ernie and Anna are now sharing sleeping quarters while the other bedroom transformed into a playroom.

Ernie is doing great in kindergarten. His reading skills are just blossoming! It is such a wonder to see him put together words and actually understand what he is reading. It makes me much more determined to get Anna learning her letters (she knows "A" and points it out whereever we go) so we can move down that path towards reading with her too.

More news to come in a few weeks!

December and lots of pictures!

*Cooking dinner. Pants are optional. Anna is now potty trained. WOO HOO!

*Mom trying to get a nice picture of the kids together. Ha ha.

*Just goofing around with the new camera.

*Ernie is loving the legos Grandma and Grandpa got him for Christmas.

*The highlight of our Christmas was a visit from Aunt Jen, Uncle Mike and cousins Chris and Emily.

October and November

*Anna is loving Little Gym. Even better is that she gets to wear a leotard with Tinkerbell on it.

*We visited the train yard at Snoqualmie for the afternoon. Brian doesn't mind going there in the least, since we get to stop at the Snoqualmie Taproom for lunch.

*One set of Halloween costumes from the depths of the dress-up box. Ernie has worn this frog costume at least 3 years. This is the second year Anna has worn the flower costure.

*Pirate Ernie and Knight Samuel enjoying hot cocoa on the hay ride.

*Anna as Tinkerbell. Ernie as a pirate. We also did Pirate Tigger one day.

*Carving pumpkins this year was a blast!

*Enjoying the "corn box" at our new favorite pumpkin patch.

*The kids could not wait to decorate the Christmas tree. It went up the day after Thanksgiving. Ernie was enthralled with the Polar Express train around the tree and spent hours playing with it.

*Finishing touches on the Christmas tree.

* I love so many things about having a little girl. I actually teared up the first time we painted our fingernails together.