Saturday, September 19, 2009

Conversations with Anna: Identity Clarification

Just in case you were wondering who's who in the Frick family . . . this brief exchange occurred at the dinner table one night.

Ernie: I'm me.

Anna: No, I'M me. You're you, you're you, you're you and I'm me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ethiopian new year and more hair pics

On Saturday we celebrated Ethiopian New Year with the local Ethiopian community. For the first time, Anna really loved the Ethiopian food dishes. Both kids love injera.

I think Anna is smiling in this picture, but it's hard to tell.

Anna's first cornrows braided by Mom. You can't beat YouTube for how-to videos!

I am pretty happy with my first try at cornrows. Nine braids took about 45 minutes, 1 dvd, 2 television shows, a lollipop and one binky.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Most of July, August and a little September

Mama loves summertime! It makes me wish we lived somewhere the sun shines all year long. I love the extra space of the backyard and the kids are so happy playing in the dirt and sandbox.

A new obsession for the five year old (and Dad). Pirate legos!

* I just had to take a break from writing this post to emergency clean Anna's room. This is the second time she has taken off her diaper after pooping and trying to put it in the diaper genie. The first time she did it right before we were leaving to take the kids to Grandma's so we could fly to Vegas. Yes, Vegas was awesome.

Yep. My kids are brilliant. That's them sitting in the wagon next to the sprinkler.

Blowing out candles at their shared birthday party

A new hairstyle

We vacationed at Sunriver and loved every minute of it! This pic is at the entrance to the lava cave. Anna's assesment of the "laba cabe": "It's dark in here. I don't wanna go down there. Look, Mommy, a big rock!"

Three precious boys enjoying the spoils of the vegetable garden

Grandpa is a favorite around here. He is nice and calm and Anna always enjoys a quiet minute with him. Of course I think she has conned him into singing to her. Not really something to remark upon, except that she had him going for about 15 minutes straight.

A visit to Kokeb restaurant with other families with Ethiopian kiddos

Ernie's first day of kindergarten was Wednesday.

This picture does not do justice to how unbelievable LOUD it was in our house at this moment. Brian is playing guitar, Ernie is wailing on the saxophone, but Anna has not quite figured out the flute.